Monday, October 3, 2011


 "Glamor Puss"... 
Actually these ladies worked at the station, they had zero interest in me.
Hear Pat read this entry 
Got your attention huh?

Here's the part that people have been bugging me to write for years.  They've heard the stories about the debauchery, the all night orgies, the nubile maidens willing to do anything, any where, anytime.  

OK, I'm finally going to spill the beans.  After keeping this to myself for all this time I've finally decided to tell the whole story, so get the kids out of the room....

Are they gone?  OK good, here we go...

Are you ready?

Sitting down?

You sure you want to hear this?

OK, here goes...

It never happened!!

Oh, for sure there were ladies who would occasionally make themselves available to “entertain”, but that's true for almost anyone.  As far as the lines of scantily dressed young tarts waiting at our beck and call, those stories are mostly a bunch of hooey.   At least they are as far as I'm concerned, unless the rest of the guys had something going on that I never knew about I didn't see any of that.

Now it's true that we'd occasionally throw a wild party, and we weren't exactly shy about participating.  It's also true that, due to the endless CHUM marketing, we were exposed to far more ladies than we likely would've been otherwise.  We were constantly on the front of CHUM charts, of which hundreds of thousands were dispensed weekly.  The station was careful to use professional photographers in order to make us look good.  We were asked to appear on TV, at city functions, and promotions... basically we were everywhere all the time.  There were certainly more opportunities than there would have been otherwise.

But contrary to the prevailing view there were very few “hook ups”, either with fans or with the various young ladies that the station would hire from time to time as “CHUM Chicks”.   Despite the politically in-correct name, these were highly professional young ladies for whom we had an enormous amount of respect.  While it's true that we could often be found in the company of gorgeous young models at “The Red Rooster”... the official CHUM watering hole next door to the station... these were people that the station had hired for promotional purposes, in other words colleagues.  We'd sit for hours telling jokes and raising hell, but as far as heading back to someone's pad for a little humpty-hump later... well let me just say, if it happened at all it sure as hell didn't happen for me!

Also, Canadian ladies are actually a bit more conservative than their American counterparts.  Although they seem to have a healthier attitude about relationships and intimacy than American ladies, I never saw any of them wearing see through dresses like I had in Toledo.   They had a maturity about them that was sexy of and by itself.

During my seven years at CHUM I was often seen around town in the company of some of the Walter Thornton Agency models that we'd brought in for promotions.  The fact is that these folks were friends of mine.  Once I got off the air I'd take whomever was doing kiosk duty at the station down to George's to catch Mo Koffman's last set.  We'd order up some Italian chow and drink wine until they closed.  Also some of them would babysit my little, one year old from time to time.  I often joke with Dorian how he was pampered and fussed over by some of Toronto's most beautiful women, and now that he's an adult he can't get a date!

All of us were respectful of the ladies, whether they were in house personnel or fans.  Especially the fans since they were our bread and butter so to speak, without them we'd be nothing.  The women that worked there know the real story and so do the listeners who later came to be our friends, and in some cases CHUM employees themselves.  I'm hoping some of them will read this, and post some comments of their own.   It's time the wilder rumors were put to rest once and for all.  These folks were, and in many cases still are some 35-40 years later, good friends.  One of them is sitting next to me right now as I write this... more about my wife Sandee and her wacko family later.

Now I hope I didn't disappoint too many people with this confession, it would've been easy to let the stories continue on ad infinitum and just wink and say “no comment” when someone asks, but that would be unfair and disrespectful to some really great friends who deserve a hell of a lot better.

The ladies, fans and colleagues, who brightened mine and Dorian's lives and remain our pals to this day.

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